Four activists from Dutch Earth First! occupied a E.on directors office in Rotterdam


today in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The activists made it clear to people working in the office that they were looking for the directors for a ’serious chat’ about the planned construction of a new coal fired power station in Rotterdam. Although legal concerns should have hindered E.On in starting construction at the site, work has already gone ahead. Activist Roos van Dijck: ” Building a coal fired powerstation now is criminal, solving the climate crisis starts with keeping coal in the ground. “

The four activists occupied the room of Chief Financial Officer Markus Bokelmann. Although he has various books on corporate responsibility on his book shelf, this doesn’t seem to translate into his practice yet. The police arrived around after a few hours and arrested the activists. None of the E.On directors were willing to participate in conversation about the planned construction of the power plant.


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