Guerrilla gardening the Hague

ggdh1In the Hague last Friday an empty lot was transformed into a community garden. By a group also inspired by permaculture.

Press release 15/04/09

Last good Friday in the Hague an enthusiastic group of dozens of people worked their magic in transforming an empty lot on the edge of the center into a neighborhood garden. The empty lot which has already stood empty for two years is by the canal Houtzagerssingel. The spot has been dubbed the Buurttuin de Miefabriek (neighborhood garden the noodle factory). Because it lies on the old site of a noodle factory.

The concept of the neighborhood garden is simple. On a piece of ground in the city where nothing happens a group of people build a garden with the concept of, for everybody by everybody. On this place the neighborhood can enjoy. tasting plants,. Learning from each other and relax. This clearly shows how easy it is to, in a short time, to establish a garden where you can grow edible plants in the middle of the city.

In one day the empty lot was transformed into a beautiful inspiring place. Where young and old can enjoy a bit of green in the city.The crops in the garden are mostly collected from gardens of houses that will be demolished soon. In this way, they get a second life!

Hopefully the garden will stay until the construction of the proposed four modern canal houses which has been postponed many times. But the news on the street is that they want to start with the construction very soon. It appears as though they don’t want to let the neighborhood garden stand in the way of their building plans. Our plan is to move the plants and indeed garden to another empty lot before the construction starts. The garden is for everybody by everybody and there fore can be used by everyone. providing this is done in a responsible manner.

Every Saturday between 13.00 and 16.oo there will be workshops, and young and old people there to answer your questions.




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