More arrests at the Lappersfort.

bos1(save the forest)

Police raids the house of local sympathizers from the action camp Lappersfort.

Police: “drawing in wet cement is sabotage”

The Brueges police raided a neighbour of the action camp in Lappersfort. A lot of personal belongings from the occupants that were stored there have been taken by the police. Last night three occupants were arrested. They are accused of sabotaging a road under construction. The defenders would have drawn in wet cement. In the cement there were also numerous tire tracks visible. Meanwhile, the road has long been smoothed again by road workers.

Six policeman dressed in black were ready in an ambush and arrested the occupants . Steph “We have the idea that it was a preconceived plan, aiming to criminalize the forest occupation. We are counting on the possibility that the police will abuse this to invade the camp. ”

At the police raid a lot of personal belongings and passports were confiscated. The occupants are all trying to remain anonymous after the previous thirteen occupation activists were silenced with an enormous damage claim. Steph: “Apparently, the authorities of the city believe that a forest occupied against deforestation is a criminal act. We believe the plans of Fabricom to destroy this forest is a crime, and most of the residents in Bruges agree with us.”

The forest occupants think the police might invade the camp and they are prepared for this.


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