Green house under construction

Today we began the construction of a small green house from the windows we have been recycling over the last few months.

kas1The frame is connected to a remaining stone wall and floor of the old building. Which is open to the south. All that stone absorbs and retains allot of heat. The fruit and veg tower we have here works on the same principle. but you can also bury some stones around plants that require a bit more heat.

The roof is has been made of glass, built in a slope, the wall sloping down steeply.


The gardens got a big kick start from the warm spring. The remaining Kale is blooming everywhere in a fantastic yellow. Soon we will put the tomatoes, courgette, and peppers outside (and in the greenhouse).

bloemkool<The caulifower from last year, finnaly in bloom.

aalbessen1The currents have come into bloom, and the first fruit is forming.







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