Sowing fest this Sunday!


The distance between the farmer and the consumer is huge. Quite often half way around the world. Obviously this can not continue. There are many organic farms which offer seasonal produce to their local area. Which as far as we can see is the next best answer to growing your own food.

The production of sustainable, organic products requires allot more person power than industrial farming. In the past the surrounding community would help the farmers at heavy times of the year. IE. the sowing, plowing, and harvest times/festivals. On the SWOMP  you also have the opportunity to help out, and grow your own food.

This Sunday we are having a sowing fest. So come along and get your hands dirty. Afterwards (if the weather allows) we will be having a BBQ together.

On the SWOMP it is possible to get involved in gardening to what ever extent you feel up to. You can build your own garden, or just help out with sowing and weeding. We hold regular workshops on a number of topics, and we even sometimes need help eating the organic veg that we grow here. So come along Sundays from 12 noon.


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  1. Keith Lopez said,

    March 16, 2010 at 1:15 am

    Love and Gratitude. I am a professor taking a sabbatical for the summer in Europe. I am designing and building permaculture in South Florida in the United States. Please email me at

    Love and Gratitude

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