Excursion with TT de Pijp to the Knotwilg Organic farm

img_0229 On Sunday 23rd of April the Transition town de Pijp went to the open day on “de Knotwilg” organic farm in south east Beemster. We were lucky to have very good weather and set off on bikes from Amsterdam.

On the farm there was a great atmosphere, and guided tours every half hour. The farm is made up of 12 fields separated by fruit bushes and trees, and the whole area is surrounded by many higher trees.
You could see what crops are grown there, and what tricks are used to run the farm in a sustainable way.

In one part of the ground there are cherry trees for the birds. The birds stay around the cherries, effecting the other plants less. Also they experiment with ‘companion planting’: a method in which different crops are planted together to complement each other. Thus the corn planted by the beans: beans take nitrogen from the air and fixate it in the soil. So the corn gets extra nitrogen which allows it to produce a higher yield, and the corn stalks act as climbing poles for the beans.

Of course there was great hospitality. There was fresh grilled zucchini and pumpkin for the visitors, picked fresh from the fields. There was coffee and tea served with fresh homemade cakes and there were several activities like a quiz for children, and a play. You could also buy fresh vegetables, the proceeds went to charity.



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