Gardenworkgroup neighbourhoodgarten S.W.O.M.P.

Did you always wanted to plant, grow and harvest your own vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers? This is your chance!
Permaculture-garden SWOMP gives enthusiast gardeners, with or without experience, the possibility to participate in the garden.
Next to our communal garden, you have the possibility to cultivate your own piece of ground in the way you like.

26 February is the first gathering for this gardenworkgroup for this season. This start from 13h and take place in the Rustenburgerstraat 440 (the area of SWOMP).

The setup will be that we monthly take a day where we work together in the garden. There are possibilitys for people who wants to come more, for example to cultivate your own piece of land. There will be soup. If you like to share some nice food, you can bring it, so we have a good mixture.

See you saturday 26 februari!
13:00 Rustenburgerstraat 440

If you can´t make it that day, but you want to take part in the group, please send an e-mail to and we inform you further.



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