The first SWOMP gardening workgroup of the season was a great success!!

The first meeting of the gardening workgroup at SWOMP last Saturday 26 February was a great success. At 1pm people started to show up, until finally there were about 25 people
tucked cozily into the straw bale cabin.

Proceeding from the ideas of a few people who have already been involved with SWOMP somewhat longer, those present participated in a democratic process to decide how the garden
workgroup will operate during this growing season. The main decision was that there will be a general get-together the first Sunday of every month starting at 1pm. Part of the routine
will be a pot-luck dinner, with everyone bringing along something to contribute to a delicious community meal. We prefer vegetarian dishes, so that everyone will be able to enjoy them
and to be in harmony with the ideas of SWOMP of exploring a sustainable way of life.

After forming this monthly workgroup, there were ten people who were willing to accept personal responsibility for a garden plot in the permaculture garden site. These people will
visit the garden area more often than once a month in order to care for their garden plot and to exchange tips with each other.



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  1. Nels Nelson said,

    April 4, 2011 at 8:52 am

    SWOMP – Have a healthy and productive Spring!

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