Action group S.W.O.M.P

S.W.O.M.P. Stands for Slimme Woonwagenbewoners Op Mooie Plekjes ( Smart caravan living people on Beautiful places). The action group formed in the mid 90’s. It was in the Amsterdam neighbourhood the Pijp, on the Van Ostadestraat, and on the corner of the Van Wou and the ceintuurban that the swomp caravans first occupied empty lots.

S.W.O.M.P 1.

In December 1994 on the corner of Van ostadestraat, and the 2nd VD helststraat a group of caravans occupied a piece of ground that was well known as “the hole from Baker” (A notorious speculant still known in the Pijp), and renamed it the S.W.O.M.P. Swomping was and is a protest against the anti social domolision policy that the Pijp city council had, and still has. After four months the swompers were given the order for eviction and left with thier caravans.

S.W.O.M.P 2.
With their caravans and a small demo they then went straight for a sand plane on the corner of the Van Woustraat and the Ceintuuraban where “operation desert storm” took place. the second swomp was squatted. The protest against Amsterdams demolision policy went on.

S.W.O.M.P. 3
In 2006 Van Ostadestraat 228/230, a large squat was evicted. Before the squatting the houses were split into
12 social rent apartments. which had to make way for a few luxury rent apartments owned by the alliantie. (another large, rich housing corporation in Amsterdam)Because of fears by the city of a resquat the house was quickly demolished, but the empty lot was then left empty for one year. This inspired a new generation of squatters to make use of the swomp tactic. So on the 11th of November 2007 the caravans once again were rolled on site. this time with lockons ancored 3.5 meters into the ground. The swomp 3 lasted one week.


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