This swomp action is a coalition between kraakgroep de Pijp (squat group the Pijp) and groenfront! Amsterdam(dutch splitlogoearth First! Am*dam). Groenfront! is a name you can use for environmental direct action. The idea was born during the counter climate summit in Berlin in 1995, where Dutch activists met English earth first! activists from who they learned of the tactics being used in the U.K such as direct action, occupations, action camps, and of course sabotage. Which occasionally succeeded in stopping environmentally destructive projects. This was very different (and inspiring) for the Dutch activists. Who were more familiar with moderate lobbying, and the occasional “fluffy” action to get press coverage.

logoShortly after, Groenfront, the Dutch name for Earth first! was established. With (among other actions) a campaign against the destruction of of a beautiful nature reserve at the Ruigoord. and against the construction of the betuwelijn, a train line between Betuwe van Elst and Dordrect, and protecting different forests around the Netherlands and Belgium.

What kind of organistation is Groenfront!?

GF! is not an organisation. According to the BVD (the old Dutch internal security forces) 1998 yearly report ” GF! is a ‘nom de guerre’ or a battle cry, being used by radical environmentalists from a large mix different groups and people.

GroenFront! / Earth First! is a convenient name to use for your non-violent direct action. With GF! / EF! a network of radical nature lovers and anarchist eco saboteurs are working hard fighting against the destruction of the planet.


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