building the new bar

The building of the new bar starts with the demolition of the fort .

In the inside of the fort , a new bar is created .


3 years party

Kom saturday 30th of July to ours 3 years party from 15.00 till 23.00.


There will be concerts from Serpent ( and Bataklan (kleinkunst,. chanson, folk, …).


There will be a DIY vegetarian  barbecue, wich means that everybody brings there own food.

june, 25th: open garden day

Swomp takes again part in the annual Open Garden Day in the Pijp.

In total there are 24 gardens opening there doors. For 2.50 euro, you can buy a passe partous with a booklet about those gardens. With this you can visit all gardens. You can buy this at the Buurtcentrum an the 2nd van der Helststraat 66, Vereniging Frans Halstuinen, Frans Halststraat 16K, and Oranjekerk, corner Tweede van der Helststraat / van Ostadestraat.





















The gardens are open from 11:00 till 17:00.
Welcome all

night festival “nuit blanche”

The night of satuday june 18th we open our borders.

We are part of a cultural festival in amsterdam, nuit blanche.

homemade drinks, city insects, agriculture, green thumb from 19:00 till 24:00

everybody is welcome

SWOMP on Pinksterlanddagen

Swomp will be present at the annual pinksterlanddagen in Appelscha.

We have an exhibition about the 3 years history of SWOMP

Open Day: thema composting

On sunday 24th of april, we invite all interested people from 13h.

Enjoying the garden with kefir, koffie and tea.

An interesting workshop about composting will take place.

Be welcome.

The first SWOMP gardening workgroup of the season was a great success!!

The first meeting of the gardening workgroup at SWOMP last Saturday 26 February was a great success. At 1pm people started to show up, until finally there were about 25 people
tucked cozily into the straw bale cabin.

Proceeding from the ideas of a few people who have already been involved with SWOMP somewhat longer, those present participated in a democratic process to decide how the garden
workgroup will operate during this growing season. The main decision was that there will be a general get-together the first Sunday of every month starting at 1pm. Part of the routine
will be a pot-luck dinner, with everyone bringing along something to contribute to a delicious community meal. We prefer vegetarian dishes, so that everyone will be able to enjoy them
and to be in harmony with the ideas of SWOMP of exploring a sustainable way of life.

After forming this monthly workgroup, there were ten people who were willing to accept personal responsibility for a garden plot in the permaculture garden site. These people will
visit the garden area more often than once a month in order to care for their garden plot and to exchange tips with each other.


Gardenworkgroup neighbourhoodgarten S.W.O.M.P.

Did you always wanted to plant, grow and harvest your own vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers? This is your chance!
Permaculture-garden SWOMP gives enthusiast gardeners, with or without experience, the possibility to participate in the garden.
Next to our communal garden, you have the possibility to cultivate your own piece of ground in the way you like.

26 February is the first gathering for this gardenworkgroup for this season. This start from 13h and take place in the Rustenburgerstraat 440 (the area of SWOMP).

The setup will be that we monthly take a day where we work together in the garden. There are possibilitys for people who wants to come more, for example to cultivate your own piece of land. There will be soup. If you like to share some nice food, you can bring it, so we have a good mixture.

See you saturday 26 februari!
13:00 Rustenburgerstraat 440

If you can´t make it that day, but you want to take part in the group, please send an e-mail to and we inform you further.


Movie: take a walk on the garden with us

First week of april we made 2 short movies of the gardens. We will try to do this every month so we can monitor all progress afterwards. Take a walk on the garden with us.



Spring on the swomp again

We got a lot of help the last couple of months with rebuilding most of our gardens around the pear tree. When we got near to finishing the job spring time started of with some warm sunny days., and the berries all get leaf right now.

Next to the circle we prepared a patch where we’ll try to get a sort of meadow with cereals and wild and medicinal herbs. Next to that, in front of the greenhouse, cityplot will build a showcase urban backyard (5x5m).

In march the youngsters of JMA (young people environmentally active) to get acuainted with permaculture for the first time, also they got their hands dirty and helped us out a lot.

Robbert is sprouting very old heritage cereals, and rare weeds that used to grow on cereal acres before the mass scale introduction of herbicides, for his traditional field.

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