Shrink or drown.

48929Shrink or drown is a campaign from the dutch earth First!, Groenfront! Where we attempt to bring to attention the coming climate crisis, and show that peak oil is now. The oil will soon become very expensive, and later will take more energy getting it out of the earth than it produces. The sea level is rising. Now it is more clear than ever that we have to look for greener solutions, and stop with our oil addicted society. We don’t live with the illusion that we can continue with our current energy flow requirements with wind and solar energy. Also coal is no answer as it destroys the planet with huge Co2 emissions, and obviously bio-fuels and nuclear power are also not alternatives. We must simply shrink our energy use if we are not to drown under the rising sea level.


The products that we in this society take for granted will soon stop being flown from the global south into Europe. As the price of oil rises it will become too expensive to transport €5 shirts from China. So first we are going to start paying €10 for the now €5 shirts and soon they will stop coming in altogether. (Hopefully if you have made it to this website you aren’t buying €5 shirts from sweatshops in china). Local seasonal vegetables will stipulate our diet, and meat will (hopefully) not be farmed as much as you can farm minimum 10 times the protein on land by growing high protein crops than by having cows grazing the same land. We will be recycling plastic allot more as there won’t be more been made. Heating and cooking will become problematic unless we change our ways and learn greener ways of living.

Coal fired power plants.

It is pointless to wait for governments and big business to bring the change that is needed. We have to start now ourselves! The Dutch government has given permission for five new coal power plants to be built. We find it unacceptable on the edge of climate crisis to condone such Co2 polluting projects to go ahead. For this reason E.on, the German energy company who are building theses coal power plants, has been chosen as a direct action target by Groenfront! At the already built coal power plant on the maasvlakte A group of groenfronters (earth firsters) made a lock on action stopping the flow of coal into the plant. Where the groenfronters had a great view of the building site of the new E.on power plant, they are building next to it. Also the head office of Netherlands E.on has been targeted with several actions.

How then?

hpim1662Try to cut out Co2 polluting power from your Life. We want to develop functioning alternatives to combat climate change.
On the Swomp we therefore use solar power as our electricity supply. With your own solar panels You use a lot less energy than getting your power from the main power grid. This puts the Shrink idea of the campaign into action.
As we are but simple squatters we bought the smallest cheapest solar panel, and then had one donated by a friend. which gives the swompers enough power for 12v light at night time and to run a small stereo.


Last year from the squatting in the summer until the winter we were cooking on propane gas. this is definitely not climate neutral. now with the building of the straw bale house in the winter and donations from the neighbors and other squatters we heat and cook on a wood stove, with waste wood. This is also not the ideal situation as there is not enough woodland in Europe for everyone to heat their homes and cook on burning wood. We still don’t have the perfect solution, but we are learning everyday. It is also possible to create and store methane gas from compost and or excrement, but we have decided not to experiment with this on Swomp 4 as we aren’t sure how long we will be here and it is quite a huge project. Maybe something for Swomp 5?

Live and learn.

We are all learning a lot on the Swomp and day by day the information we possess gets bigger and bigger, as we learn new climate neutral ways of living and which plants do or don’t grow well together we begin to see that a sustainable future is possible, but not for this society as a whole to keep continuing as it is going. We would like to encourage people to start their own projects and move towards a sustainable future. Not as the big business is trying to sell us a greener cleaner future, but a green clean future.

conveyorbelt blocked

conveyor belt blocked

Locked in tight

Locked in tight

In the lock ons

In the lock ons

Banner hangs on the crane "stop with coal"

Banner hangs on the crane "stop with coal"


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