The gardens

Guess which one consumes most of our energy recources: producing food, transport, or construction? yep its Producing food, so apart from building sustainable, and not transporting our product all over the world, we should grow our local food in a different way. Small scale, polyculture (vs monoculture) and not exhausisting/poluting surroundings and recources. Permaculture design offers solutions for all the above, from gardening to housebuilding and energy supplies.

Growing your own food, how small scale and futile it may seem will always make the amount of food that is transported from elsewhere less. Apart from that buying organic local food will make your footprint decline strongly. But even better than that are CSA’s, or other local growers that go further than organic, and involve the consumer, or make the consumer buy more direct from the grower.

Finally permaculture offers new and much more efficient and sustaineble ways of farming that can work without the need of huge quantities of (fossil fuel) energy recources. For bigger growers as well as for your garden, alotment, rooftop or balcony it will increas produce.

Below you can see a bit of last years season, (we  got here quite late, in july). Here you can find the last update on the gardens, we will update this years progress soon.

swomp-003veldslaOn the left a line of field lettuce next to spinach, with a line of garlic behind and young broad beans to the right.

peultjesgreen snap peas to nibble on.

aubergineAubergine for grilling.

courgettecourgette also for grilling.

tomatostomatoes for a salad or so.

pumpkinpumpkins for lanterns.



Wild carrots

In front a weed plant, and behind kale, beetroot, leek, pumpkin, miners lettuce and more… Weed is a very multipurpose plant you can make tea, cake, wine, rope, clothes, paper and carton from it, and of course you can relax after a hard days gardening with a nice bio joint.


The medicinal garden.>med



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