Spring on the swomp again

We got a lot of help the last couple of months with rebuilding most of our gardens around the pear tree. When we got near to finishing the job spring time started of with some warm sunny days., and the berries all get leaf right now.

Next to the circle we prepared a patch where we’ll try to get a sort of meadow with cereals and wild and medicinal herbs. Next to that, in front of the greenhouse, cityplot will build a showcase urban backyard (5x5m).

In march the youngsters of JMA (young people environmentally active) to get acuainted with permaculture for the first time, also they got their hands dirty and helped us out a lot.

Robbert is sprouting very old heritage cereals, and rare weeds that used to grow on cereal acres before the mass scale introduction of herbicides, for his traditional field.


Swomp benefit gig

Saturday 20th of februari we’ll have a benefit gig at the swomp featuring James bar bowen and Jim sputnig. last time they visited they triggered two days of spontaneous partying in the pijp. the memory of those hangovers still haunt us.

their music is best described as political punk-folk, check out their myspaces if your curious: Jim and james

Forrest garden circle almost finished

A lot of people came to help us build our forrest inspired fruit and vegg circle. We almost got to finish it during the two very short days (dark at 16.30). Six dwarf tree’s were planted around our bigger pear tree. One pear- and two apple-tree’s, two cherries and a plum. Furthermore lots and lots of currants, black and red, lots of raspberries and other small fruit were planted.

Just in time as it turned out, sunday night it started freezing like hell, and its been icy and snowy ever since. Lets hope that all the young trees survived and will start growing next year.

our Thanks to all volunteers coming from around the neighbourhood, or reading our website, but also from the national transition network some fellow trainnees who turned up.

check out the pictures here

12 & 13th of december – Help needed!

Saturday the 12th we’ll start building the forrest circle, a design from the dutch permaculture school. With the whole summit in Kopenhagen going we will play the movie ‘the age of stupid’ in the evening, at 20.00 in wijkcentrum ceintuur (gerard doustraat 133) with discussion and party afterwards. Sundays the building of the gardens continues. Sleepingplaces are available if you mail us upfront.

From the weekend after every saturday from 14.00h till 18.00h The I.E.A. is open. The Infoshop for Eco Anarchism serves zapatista coffee, MST mate, and hot (soja) cocoa from a bolivian co-operative. Also dutch local organic beer or juice is to be consumed while reading about gardening, revolutions, anarchism, eco-anarchism, landstruggle, permaculture etc. etc.

Also fiction and non fiction for kids present!

I.E.A each saturday 14.00h – 18.00h  swomp4, rustenburgerstraat 440, amsterdam

Open day changed to Saturdays

kidflowerFor the last year we have been open every Sunday, but now we are making a change and will be open from midday every Saturday for tours, working in the gardens, and discussion and info about climate change, peak oil, permaculture and transition towns.

It will be also possible to start your own garden. or help out with various other projects.

Eviction threat for the SWOMP

With the possible upcoming eviction for the Swomp we are calling for a get together of Ideas. On September 12th at 19.00 x_jip247on the SWOMP.

We have been busy for over a year on the Swomp, and now it is time to look towards the future, and make a plan for how we are going to continue. There are still no clear building plans and their “solution” is to evict the Swomp and put down temporary container class rooms until they manage to bring building plans that the neighbourhood agrees with.

So come along and discuss with us our future here and help us start our anti eviction campaign. All input is welcome.

So, until Saturday 12th September!

before the meeting we will be working in the gardens, cleaning up, and fixing a bit. If you want to come down early and help out, or get to know the people involved. There will be vegan breakfast from midday on.

Excursion with TT de Pijp to the Knotwilg Organic farm

img_0229 On Sunday 23rd of April the Transition town de Pijp went to the open day on “de Knotwilg” organic farm in south east Beemster. We were lucky to have very good weather and set off on bikes from Amsterdam.

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Pedal power day! Sunday 30th August


Sunday August 30th is pedal power day on the Swomp. Green innovations are coming by with some installations that power computers that you can go online and play the wii with pedal power! And much much more

It will be all DIY installations. Don’t miss it.

Spread the word, and come by from noon on.

Climate camp benelux

kleinerklimaatactiekamp-voorkantLast friday night the terrain was squated for the Benelux climate camp.  Cheak out the website, or better yet get down there!!!

Open garden day, the Pijp 27th of June.

Swomp will also be open for the Pijp  open garden day. Here is a little taste of what you can expect if you drop by.



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